Company Profile

Since 1965, A-One Industries has been providing Standarized and Quality Products. We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical stampings for Electric Motors, Aluminium Twisting & TFO Rolls, Aluminium Perforated Tube & Cops, Submersible Pumps & E.I.F Lamination. We maintain international standards of these products, because we believes that our responsibility is to satisfy all our customers and those who use our products and services by meeting their needs promptly and accurately by maintaining the highest quality standards.


At Schneider HVAC and Pumping Solutions Center, we are focused to design, engineer, and manufacture repetitive, high-quality electronic control panels.


Our dedicated team of design engineers and technicians bring together a wealth of knowledge and the focus on product development and research provides our customers with exceptional products.


Internationally recognized for our cutting-edge manufacturing, innovative engineering, and unrivaled technical and sales support, our products and services have earned us the reputation of worldwide excellence.